Our company’s history

Since the foundation of “Wektor" in 1991, the aim of our business activity is to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through the production of machines producing biomass ecological fuel and burning it in the professional power industry, combined heat and power plants, heating plants and individual households.

WEKTOR manufactures lines for production of briquettes and pellets from agricultural and forest biomass, in which the main device is the BT-60 eccentric-piston mechanical briquette press.

For over twenty years of business activity, our constructors and technologists have been introducing changes to improve briquette presses.


Construction and production of the BT-60 briquette press; production of sawdust briquette Ø 50 and 60 mm


Constructional changes and possibility to produce briquettes from straw, hay and grass Ø 65 - 67 mm


Possibility to produce large pellets from straw Ø 17-20 mm

2012 - 2016

Possibility to produce small pellets from straw in ever smaller diameters, up to Ø 4-6 mm

After many years of challenges and tests we managed to create a machine - the BT-60 Mechanical Briquette Press, which is able to produce briquette and pellet from any type of properly prepared biomass.

Our technology allows us to process mostly every type of biomass available in the world, both into briquette with a diameter of 50 to 70 mm and pellet with a diameter of 6-8 mm, 11-13 mm or 17-20 mm.

The BT-60 briquette press can be used to produce briquette from cereal straw and sawdust, sunflower, peat, lignin, rapeseed straw, maize straw, soya straw, hay, grass, chips, energy crops (e.g. miscanthus), rice husks, brown coal and charcoal, soot from tyre pyrolysis, cardboard, waste paper, dried fruit and vegetable, etc.

Our offer is addressed to individual investors as well as large companies, farmers, sawmills, orchards, oil palm and olive growers, furniture and floor panel manufacturers and all those who need to manage agricultural or forestry waste.



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